(not so) Live from Puerto Rico

One year and four months–that’s how long I postponed my trip to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Despite the current crime wave and the multiple attempts from family members to convince me to cancel the trip, I visited the island and returned unharmed. What I did come back with was bit of heartbreak over the physical state of the island beyond the San Juan metropolitan area–with so many people migrating to the mainland US and many businesses closing, there are lots of abandoned buildings that give the entire place a gloomy vibe.

One can only hope that progress will continue in a favorable direction and that one day the island will return to its former glory. Puerto Rico is the one destination I never get tired of visiting, but how could I? It’s home! More than paradise, fun and relaxation, it delivers love and the best hugs from my favorite aunts!

I had every intention to be “LIVE” from Puerto Rico–as I normally do during my travels. This trip, however, proved to be much different than I expected. I got sick the day before the trip which meant a bit less energy to run around plus having to drive myself everywhere also meant I did not have the freedom to snap a photograph every five seconds.

My plan was to drive around the north and west coast capturing the many beautiful beaches I grew up visiting. I planned on hiking El Yunque and perhaps going on a kayak tour of one of the bioluminescent lagoons the island has (a favorite activity of a younger Lismarie). What I did instead felt much like a GPS recalculating every five minutes, except that this time there was no anxiousness over not knowing what I’d be doing next.

I ended up with a week full of true quality time with some of my favorite people. I got to discover new, interesting (and delicious) places to eat, got to revisit some of my childhood favorites (i.e. Arecibo Observatory), and the best part–I got to actually R E L A X.

Check back in later for detailed posts on my favorite moments of the trip!


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