Helping Out is Always in Style

This coming November, Diamonds & Baguettes was scheduled to feature a LIVE from Puerto Rico! series (see the last “LIVE from…” series here). Due to the current state the island is in, the lack of electricity and water, shortage of resources and rising epidemics, the trip to Puerto Rico is being postponed until further notice.

Instead of indulging everyone with gorgeous scenes of a lush rainforest, crystal clear beaches and the latest in Caribbean style… I am making a call to action for something that is always in style: helping. 

This year’s hurricane season has been the strongest many of us have seen in our lifetime. One hurricane in particular has struck close to home, literally. Hurricane Maria devastated many islands in the Caribbean, including my home–Puerto Rico. It left my immediate family without water, electricity, any communication and a shortage of food essentials.

Seeing the damage left behind and the degree of suffering most in the island are currently experiencing is heartbreaking–especially since there is very little I can physically do to help. However, there are other ways to help and that is the purpose of this post… to showcase just a few of the many ways in which we can send help to those in need:

Somos One Voice – A Concert for Disaster Relief  – 10/14 Concert and Telethon organized by JLo, Alex Rodriguez and  Marc Anthony. As of the writing of this post, 26 million dollars have been raised.

United for Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico’s First Lady, Beatriz Rosello’s initiative to assist those affected by the hurricane in collaboration with the private sector.

Touch the Future / Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief Fund – Touch the Future is a nonprofit organization that provides durable medical equipment to families with special needs in the island (and the mainland).

YouCaring – Hurricane Relief fund set up by singer Ricky Martin for the people of Puerto Rico focused around providing for immediate needs and rebuilding the island.

You Caring – La Perla fund set up by singer Luis Fonsi to help rebuild the iconic San Juan neighborhood of La Perla in the aftermath of hurricane Maria, featured in his world famous music video for the 2017 hit “Despacito.”

The American Red Cross / Puerto Rico Chapter, Save the Children, One America Appeal, Catholic Relief Services and Go Fund Me are a few more among many other organizations aiding the island. You can also check out local groups collecting emergency goods to be shipped to the island.

Whichever way you choose to help, I give you thanks. Puerto Rico is a beautiful place with the happiest people on the planet and I, like many others, know that they will rise from the current situation. And rest assured, the LIVE from Puerto Rico! series is not  cancelled… it is simply waiting for Puerto Rico’s remodel job to be finished. *wink wink*


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