Paris Is Always a Good Idea

In less than three weeks yours truly will be on her way to the city of lights–for the first time and alone. While the idea of solo female travel does not scare me, there is something about this trip that has kept my heart a bit unsettled. Maybe it is the fact that I will not have anyone to turn to and say “that was awesome,” or maybe I have been so excited for so long that I have become numb to the excitement itself and that is simply not my norm.

Whatever it may be, I am not allowing anything to stop me from enjoying this trip. I am determined to make the most out of it–from pampering myself to finding time to reflect and recenter, to appreciating the beauty in what is different and taking in the culture. When the time comes to share something I fall head over heels for, I will have someone to share it with thanks to this platform.

Over the coming weeks I will share itinerary ideas and packing tips (or fails) with you all. Feel free to drop suggestions of your own–I love a good recommendation!

A bientôt !


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